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Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012

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REVIEW Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012

From the 3rd to the 4th of December 2012, we.CONECT invited managers and project leaders from the automotive industry to the annual Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution Conference in Berlin.

More than 120 attendees used the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012 to discuss current challenges, brand new approaches and future trends in the field of app & software development in automotive cockpits.

Participants, speakers and business partners joined one of the biggest conferences on this topic, to interchange experiences, widen their network and to debate the upcoming challenges.

"Up to date information about pros and cons of using apps vehicles."
Thomas Hoell, 7Layers AG

Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012 has therefore become the leading conference focusing on the development of content & apps for the automotive industry.

Review 2012

  • More than 120 participants from over 50 companies from all over the world discussed new approaches, technological trends and future developments in the field of Automotive Apps Management
  • 39% of the participants has been OEMs
  • 26 extraordinary sessions with companies and organizations like BMW AG, Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai Motor Group, Renault Trucks, Volkswagen, Continental Automotive, IBM, Strategy Analytics, Delphi Automotive Systems, Carnegie Mellon University, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, TATA Motors European Technical Centre
  • The participants rated this conference a 1,6 (evaluated by 84% of the participants)
  • 6 World Cafés, 5 Challenge your Peers Round Tables and an eventful Icebreaker Session on the eve before the conference
  • 6 leading Business Partners presented cutting-edge product-solutions, services and technologies

"Very much enjoyed the meeting and the fantastic dinner. The conference was very well organized and loved talking to many peers and others."
Tuhin Ray, Delphi Automotive Systems

Icebreaker Session ‒ First get-together before the conference

Icebreaker 2012

On the evening of the first conference day, the icebreaker session provided a first opportunity to talk, network or discuss and allowed the participants to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere at the Scandic Hotel in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.

More than 20 speeches and presentations


Inspiring discussions and presentations brought a deeper understanding of Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution and its core issues to the participants, especially on the topics of Content & Information Management, Effective Management of content in the age of Information overload, Portals & User Experience, HMI & impact of future mobility concepts on app development.

Throughout the two days of the conference field reports, panel discussions as well as case studies were presented. The exchange of ideas between participants, speakers and business partners was animated and encouraged through different kinds of sessions (e.g. World Café, Challenge Your Peers Roundtables).

The aim of activating the participants of the conference to change from a passive to an active debating member was gratefully accepted and fully accomplished.

(PDF agenda Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012)

"Very interesting to get a fast vision of the automotive industry related to mobile market."
Antonio Fernandez Barciela, PSA Peugeot Citroen

Challenge your Peers Session – Participants discussed experienced difficulties and approached solutions

Challenge your Peers 2012

In addition to the outstanding speeches we.CONECT wanted to know more. That is why we asked each participant, before the conference, for further topics, questions and problems that should be discussed. According to the gathered answers, we created innovative and exciting “Challenge Your Peers” roundtables. Each table dealt with important topics for which participants had shown interest and the discussions lasted for most of the first day afternoon.

Overview of the topics:

  • Business Model & Service Management, ROI, Mobile Online Services
  • HMi experience regarding content & apps development
  • User-experience Design, Personalization, Localization
  • Development & Process Management
  • Information & Content Management: The role of cloud hosted services & content / Legal restrictions / New Guidelines for content & app development
  • Integration of multiple systems and platforms for mobile devices, content and apps
  • HTML 5

"The diversity in background of participants combined with interactive program resulted in a very interesting event."
Dr. Peter Striekwold, RDW

World Café Session – The Wisdom of Crowds. A new intensive, interactive and innovative way of exchanging experiences

World Café Session 2012

During the World Café Sessions on the morning of the second day, the participants had the chance to intensively discuss again with each other and to share ideas and solutions in the field of Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution.
Finding new innovative ideas and solutions for current problems in cooperation with other experts was the main goal of the discussions.

The Cafés has been focused on:

  • Current challenges and future developments for Business Models in the area of App & Content Development from the OEM Perspective and across vertical markets (Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. / USA)
  • App & Content Development: Start your next open source projects based on FOSS (MontaVista Software, LLC. / USA)
  • Challenges & differences in Infotainment and app development for vehicle-centric applications running on both – smartphones and on the head units (Nokia / Finland)
  • Regional demand for apps in the smartphone market: Align in-vehicle content with consumer demands (Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. / Italy)
  • The Rise of the Automotive App Store – pros and cons of in regard to in-vehicle content and how app stores can be a foundation of sustainable and new business models (Continental Automotive GmbH / Germany)
  • Using the integration of smartphone technology to enhance the connectivity of in-vehicle systems: Providing the link between life and car (Ford, Germany)

The results were presented later on during a panel discussion and presentation of the key results. In the afternoon, more presentations from Toyota Info Technology Center, IBM Netherlands, Strategy Analytics, Volkswagen AG and TNO followed.

"Interesting & high profile!"
Maddalena Varrasso, Iveco

In retrospect, the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012 has been a very interesting, diversified and highly interactive networking platform for International OEMs, Tier 1 and Suppliers, Product Development Directors, Senior Engineers, Technical Directors and Project Managers from all over the world.

"Great conference, interesting presentations and good organization - the congress was really interesting, charming city of Berlin and the conference company has “beat”!"
Luis Barbarro Gil, PSA Peugeot Citroen

Quantify of the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012
Quantify of the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2012
we.CONECT wants to thank the team, participants, speakers, business partners and media partners for a very successful annual forum 2012.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you again at the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013 on 5th - 6th December 2013 in Berlin.